Services We deliver

Application Development and DevOps

Our Software/Application Development Services covers your requirement of web-app, mobile app design and development. At the same time our expert AI professional also help build the ML/DL models and deploy to build complex applications. We specialize in cloud-native application and loosely coupled micro services. We  leverage the technical expertise of our professionals who are empowered with latest technology software and tools to deliver the best performing, secure Application program. With meticulously chalked out designs, our solutions can significantly save the budget of any organization by rationalizing the systems. We follow the best DevOps practices and ensure the secure and reliable Release pipeline by integrating the build pipeline with popular repositories like Github as well as other customer repositories


Managed Cloud and IT Services

In-Premise data center or Cloud based IT infrastructure, you can bank upon us in both the situations. We Manage the IT infrastructure and systems with 100% up-time and smooth functioning of Systems and Network. Our Managed Services includes experts in different domains of Network,Servers,Storage, Unified Communication, Data center, Cyber Security and best tools to monitor the IT systems. We leverage Cloud provider tools from AWS , Azure and GCP as well as third party tools to manage your cloud solutions. Apart from deploying well Architect solution, we specialize in improvement in your cloud solution on continuous basis. With our managed support services, we help our clients and partner increase their profit by reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Project Management and Consulting

Our Project Management consulting services include end-to-end management of your projects, from inception to close and deliver Project Success!

We will help develop or enhance the right approach and methodologies like Agile Scrum for project while adhering to industry standards for execution. We set the framework for Project Management, Communication and stakeholder management while managing project Cost, Schedule, Risk and Scope.

We specialize in Digital project Management leveraging Project tools and handling projects related to Technology Application development, E-Commerce,Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence. 

Digital Transformation and InfoSec

Our Consulting Team works with our clients on strategy, planning and problem solving and partner them in their road to success by maximizing efficiency and profits. Our expert team involving experts in data collection and exploration makes real sense of the data to find solutions. Our expert consulting team leverage innovation and latest technology in Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and best practices of Information Security to deliver business solution to our clients.